How do I cancel or reschedule my tee time?

You may contact the golf course that you booked you tee time and request a cancellation. Please be sure to provide all contact information, tee time information and the circumstances regarding your need to cancel.

**Please Note** Normal customer support call center hours are 9am-5pm pacific standard time, Monday-Friday.

How do I increase or decrease the player count for my reservation?

Any reservation increase requests are based on availability. Reservation decrease requests may be submitted (must be at least 48 business hours in advance). There is no guarantee that any reservation requests can be adjusted. Requests may only be made by visiting the golf course that you originally booked your reservation through to view current available tee times.

I never received a confirmation for my booking.

Please email us at and we will re-send the booking confirmation to you. You may also log into your account and view/print your confirmation from there.

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